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Studio C.O.M. Italia

In an economic situation increasingly dynamic and competitive, it becomes vital for all the enterprises the ability to raise and manage the financial resources in line with the market demands.
Studio C.O.M. Italy is a significant reality that arises in this context and aims to provide a global consultancy for SMALL and MEDIUM COMPANIES. All thi is posible by the presence of professionals who have gained experienxe at leading Companies and Specialized Professional Studies.
In order to face the specific demands of its own clients, Studio C.O.M. Italy avails itself also of external consultants able to guarantee the most complete specializedf technical assistance.
Studio C.O.M. Italy presents as key requirements: the Professionalism, the Flexibility and the Transparency.

Administrative Services

  • International Taxation
  • Assistance in the constitution of Join Venture
  • Issues on the International work
  • International Contracts

Company Organization

  • Work Organization
  • Planning of the company objectives
  • Business Management
  • Management control


  • Market research
  • Launch of products and services
  • Advertising and Communication
  • Sales techniques
  • Creation of commercial networks in Italy and abroad

Financial Services

  • Analysis and evalutation of investments
  • Selecting and obtaining lines of credit in the short, medium and long term with the banking system
  • National and international entity and institutions
  • Company financial check-ups
  • Financial intervention plans in connection with situations of company crisis
  • Access to regional programs
  • Access to national programs
  • Access to community programs
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